Welcome to the New Magi Design and Support Website.

Welcome! To the new Magi Design and Support Web Page.

I started Magi Design back in 1998. I started with a couple of customers, where I supported their Linux servers. It was a means for me to improve my skills as a Linux System Administrator and support myself. I started out supporting Red Hat but got my customer to move to S.u.S.E.

Over the years though, I have been busy because of family and work. Customers have moved away. As many people have stated, life happens. I am still willing to do support but haven’t had anyone to ask.

So this new website is going to cover my work with openSUSE, Linux in general, my own project called Tengu, and DevOps.

So please check back often to see what new.

— Terrorpup a.k.a Chuck “PUP” Payne

Author: terrorpup

I have been doing IT for 26 years. I think of myself as a White to Grey Hat Hacker. I love to know how things work. I love Linux. My distro of chose is openSUSE, but I do work with Red Hat, Debian, and Slackware.

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